You’ve no doubt heard people say things like my title here, I’ve heard it a bunch about country and less mainstream styles like metal or rap. I find it so interesting that someone could feel comfortable saying it. Obviously we all have preferences and likes/dislikes and there are songs, styles and artists that will have a different impact on one listener to another so in that sense the statement makes sense, but it’s assuming a lot. It’s assuming you know what country music is exactly (like every genre, there are sub genres spanning countless styles and approaches) and it’s assuming you have listened to a bunch of it to make an informed opinion.

My main concern here is not that one has expressed a preference, I appreciate discernment, it’s that by reducing countless artists, songs and styles to a single word (Country) which is then used as a catch all to hand wave away. In doing so one will miss the nuance and opportunity to hear or experience music that may soon become their favourite thing. I’d recommend something like “I’m not sure if I like country, can you show me some you like?”