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Well, where do we start? Basically we love music and truly our students are our heroes. We exist to inspire, empower, showcase and celebrate the next generation of musicians, artists and creatives of all stripes. We love what we do and we do it well. We come together each week and we teach, we learn, we play, we jam, we write, we create and we share the journey of
learning music.

The Stormer Music story began when brothers Phil and Joel Stormer started teaching friends and family to play music from their parents home in the Blue Mountains around 20 years ago. Phil a guitarist and Joel a drummer, they really enjoyed seeing their students flourish and improve each week, they also grew in demand and from here they rented a small premises in Blaxland took on some musician friends to help teach alongside them and Stormer Music was born.

Three years in and after many phone calls from Penrith folks Stormer Music opened its second studio in Penrith. Building on the experience and momentum of Blaxland the school began teaching just about every instrument you can think of to students of all ages, stages and walks of life by hiring in the incredible professional musicians we call our tutors. Our students began being given opportunities to perform at school and community events, record, work together and began to flourish. The shape of our school began to form as we explored what it really means to be a great place to learn music.

Stormer Music now exists in many communities across Australia running great music lessons, music therapy, band programs, concerts and selling music gear, bringing the spirit of community, great education, beautiful music and incredible people to new places. We love music and see ourselves as custodians of one of life’s great mysteries, pleasures and powerful experiences – music.

What a privilege. Come share it with us.

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