I remember studying the idea of “art for art’s sake” at university. It’s the idea that art has an inherent value independent of its subject-matter. It’s really interesting to think about music in this way. Is there a use for music other than its outcomes? Is it worth playing if no one is listening? Is it worth learning if you aren’t “doing anything” with it? We know music heals, restores, empowers and challenges, is that what music is or is it something else entirely? Or maybe it’s just music and it is what it is. We know it when we experience it. 

Sometimes I feel like an explanation of music is a justification, as though it needs some sort of validation for its existence. “Music is great because it makes me feel good” or “Music is great for learning” or “Music is fantastic for healing and emotional work”. All powerful and true things but ultimately outcomes of the music, not reasons for it. 

I believe music is here for us to experience, to share, to feel and to connect with. From there wonderful things can happen.