A garden is a place where we take what is wild and free and plant it within a confine, space or limitation. A plant or tree that would otherwise fight for survival in a wild setting is now growing with aid and support of the gardener. The gardener nourishes, protects, prunes, guides, waters and supports the natural growth of the plant, doing their best to keep things clear and controlled but allow the plant to flourish in the fullness of its potential.

I see the musician in the same way I see this gardener. Taking sound and placing it within a clear and pleasing context, allowing the music to be, flourish and grow, whilst ensuring it remains within due bounds, clear from corrupt outside influence and enjoyable to the senses. The musician is a craftsmen, dealing with a natural substance, with skilled hands, able to make form from the formless and bring life where it may not otherwise have been.

The garden needs a gardener, like the song needs an artist. The gardener will then do the good work of making our world more beautiful one piece at a time.